My Facebook Page

In 2009 I created a Page on Facebook, as a way of connecting with those of you from around the world who have been touched by my songs. I love how Facebook makes this kind of connection so easy and immediate.

It is my intention with my Facebook Page, as with my songs, to support the deepening of self-acceptance and inner peace. I post videos and other content related to my music, along with quotes, videos and other resources that inspire me, and are resonant with the energy and message of my songs.

If you enjoy Facebook, I’d be pleased to have you join me there. I post regularly, usually two or three times a month. I read and respond to all comments and messages personally, and enjoy this way of engaging with my followers.

Here’s where you’ll find me:



If you are inspired to come and “Like” my Page, if you also select ”Get Notifications” you’ll be sure to see when I’ve posted something new.